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Lehmo Gets You Expert Tips For Your 2017 SuperCoach Team

If you're playing SuperCoach this year, you won't want to miss these tips from our resident expert Sam Edmund from the Herald Sun.

Lehmo asked Sam his top 3 questions...

Lehmo: Which rookie players should you have in your defense?
Sam: SuperCoach is all about cash generation. You want these players to make money, so you can cull them ruthlessly and bring in another rookie or an A grader to make your team better.

This year a lot of people are going with a lot of rookies in defense. Risky, but I think it's where the money is made as there's no shortage of rookies in defense.
Ed Vickers-Willis at North Melbourne
Andy Otten isn't a rookie but he is rookie-priced at Adelaide
Curtler Hampton likewise at Adelaide at 160
Stuart at Geelong at 117
Newman at Sydney which is a hard team to get into is rookie priced around 120 as well

The trick is to way for the first teams to be announced before locking down your players.

Lehmo: Should I pick Gary Abblett?

Sam: It seems crazy to say this, as he's been the sacred cow of SuperCoach. I think that time has gone. A long time out of the game last year and injuries prior to that. He's not cheap, so it's a mighty risk to pick up, but it might very well pay off.

Lehmo: How many hours a week should you spend on SuperCoach?
Sam: SuperCoach is like anything really - you get what you put in - but beware it is highly addictive.

Do you have any questions for Lehmo? Let us know in the comments below!

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