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John Cena's Latest Move Has Proven He's The Nicest Wrestler

John Cena, subject of many a meme and record-breaking 16-time WWE Champion, has just cemented his status as absolute and utter legend.


Moments after his historic win on Sunday night, Cena hopped straight out of the ring and headed for one of the kids in the audience, who was there as a Make-A-Wish recipient. 

Cena passed over his new world title and posed up a storm, looking as delighted as the teenager; according to The Lad Bible, the wrestler has granted more wishes for the Make-A-Wish Foundation than any other celebrity.

Talking to Men's Health last year, Cena said: "That's over 15 years, roughly 5,475 days. That means I've been idle for 4,975 days.

"I feel like I'm not meeting enough kids. The days I see a Make-A-Wish kid are the best days of the week. It's a real privilege.

"I give them exactly what they give me - hope. It's a day off from the normal struggle."

You can watch Cena's sweet gesture in the clip below; prepare to fall in love.

What a total legend.

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