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Jessica Mauboy said 'she needed' her beau in new video

Pop stars usually relish the opportunity to cast for gorgeous babes to get up close and personal with in their music videos. 

But not Aussie singer Jessica Mauboy. 

The former Australian Idol contestant told Jo and Lehmo that when it came to cast a leading man in her new music video for single 'Fallin' there was only one man for the job. 

She said on the show: "Having him be a part of it and not doing the casting thing, not looking into another guys eyes, touching and caressing just to get the intimate feel. I needed him."

"Him" is Jessica's partner of 9 years Themeli Magripilis. 

Adding: "He was extremely nervous..." explaining that she got the director and manager ask everyone to leave the room so the couple could be alone together. 


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