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Bid For Lehmo's Well Loved Hawthorn Boxer Shorts

These well loved boxer shorts have protected the manhood of Lehmo for the past 5 years!!!

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Lehmo purchased these at the Hawksnest at Waverley and they have been worn to all 3 Grand Final wins for the Hawks.

Why is Lehmo selling his boxer shorts? Because the jockstrap of boxing legend Jo Frazier is being auctioned off and Lehmo wants to test the theory that people pay big bucks for pre-loved underwear.

Lehmo will now be auctioning off this rare item with all proceeds going to Soldier On supports men and women who have been physically or psychologically affected by their service.

Best part about this pair of boxers? They are brown and gold in colour so if any accidents happen they will be covered up!

Click here to place your bid!


For more info on Soldier On - click here

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