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Who Is Christian O'Connell And Why You Need To Listen

Christian’s a pretty big deal in the UK (and that’s not just according to his mum)!

He's been working in radio over there for 20 years, 12 of those as the multi-award winning breakfast host on Absolute Radio. (He’s actually won more awards than anyone else, but we don’t want him to think we’re impressed 😊)

Christian was also the youngest radio presenter to be inducted into the UK Radio Academy Hall of Fame, and now he's leaving all of that and moving his whole life, and family to the other side of the world to start a brand new adventure.

We’ve checked to see if there’s any warrants out for his arrest, and there isn’t, so we believe him when he says he loves Melbourne!

Although moving your entire family to the other side of the world is a bit scary…

We can tell he is serious about it though - he's even bringing the gorgeous family dog Nisha!

Why listen?

The Christian O'Connell Breakfast Show is about real stories, real people, and hosted by a very down to earth guy, who loves connecting with his listeners. His love for radio and passion for good conversation is infectious.

He's also super excited about learning all about Australia, and Melbourne - and has already been getting into AFL.

He hasn't picked a team yet... but has been participating in GOLD104.3's office tipping competition, and so far isn't doing too terribly!

Get in touch with Christian via his Twitter page, and don't forget to follow him too!

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