Afternoons With James Grove

James Grove plays the great classic hits to get you through the afternoon with 10 in a row every hour, kicking off with the "80's Lunch", 10 songs from a decade of bizarre fashions, cheesy TV shows, and great music.

All about James

James Grove

James Grove

Star Sign: Taurus
Hometown: Perth
Dream Car: Never given it much thought
Most famous person I've met: Kylie Minogue/Bryan Adams
Favourite night time activity: Cooking up a storm in the kitchen with a good glass of red
Favourite weekend activity: Watching St Kilda thump the rest of the competition
Favourite Actor: Anybody but Tom Hanks...Sorry
Favourite ice cream flavour: Coffee
Favourite phrase: Talk it up
Favourite sport: AFL
Favourite TV shows: Seinfeld/Sopranos/Survivor
Favourite hobby: Finishing peoples sentences
Favourite pet: Dogs are preferable


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