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Young Woman Drives 18km On The Wrong Side Of The Road

An out of control drunk driver has somehow managed to avoid jail. 

Estelle Lahausse pleaded guilty to a September 10 incident where she drove on the wrong side of the rode down the Prince Freeway for 18km, narrowly avoiding crashing into oncoming traffic. 

She blew four times over the legal limit and a 700mL vodka bottle was found on the passenger seat when she was finally stopped in Werribee. 

The up-and-coming DJ was returning back from a gig in Southbank when she was "feeling lonely" and went on a Tinder date with a guy in Williamstown. 

She told the court she spent two hours drinking at the man's house with his friends who tried to pressure her into having group sex.

Her lawyer said she panicked, and tried to get away from them and drive home to Pakenham. 

Magistrate Michelle Mykytowycz said while she believed her story, it didn't vindicate her actions. 

“At speed, at night, on the wrong side of the road, drunk — it doesn’t get much worse,” she said.

“It’s remarkably lucky she didn’t kill herself or others on the road.

“You have been the victim (of a serious traffic incident) and now find yourself the perpetrator in circumstances where, quite simply, I’m staggered no one was injured that night.”

She was sentenced to 300 hours of community work, alcohol abuse treatment and disqualified for driving for 29 months.

“This has been a difficult sentencing exercise for me,” the magistrate said.

“If you had just one driving charge of another nature I would have considered jailing you but you have come to this court as someone of otherwise good character and ... I have come to the conclusion that by the thinnest of margins the sentencing principles in this instance can be met by a community corrections order.”

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