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Young Vic Police Pup Takes Down Knife-Wielding Criminal

Bruce the Belgian Malinois police dog has become an Internet hero after he landed his first arrest Monday night. 

There were reports a man was inside a high school on Kingsway at 11:45pm, so Bruce and his handler bravely headed into the building to suss it out. 

He sniffed out a man hiding in a stairwell, the 25-year-old South Melbourne man threatened the pair with a knife before running away. 

Bruce ran him down though and bit him on the leg - the injury was non-life threatening. 

The man has been charged with aggravated burglary, burglary, criminal damage, commit indictable offence whilst on bail, assault police, weapons and drug related offences.

Bruce’s handler, Senior Constable Cam Wallace, was glowing in his praise for the young pup. 

“Bruce performed well for his first arrest and looked after me well."

The very good boy has racked up over 7000 likes on the Vic Police Facebook page.

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