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It’s The Coldest June Day In Melbourne In 20 Years!

Rain, hail, sleet and freezing winds are all being forecast for this afternoon and due to the fact that it will probably fail to reach over 10 degrees today this will be the coldest June day in Melbourne in 20 years.

By 10am the temperature was still as low as 8 degrees and even though weather forecasters presumed it would rise a little bit by lunch time, it’s still hovering around the 7 degree mark. But wait, there’s more…

Your evening commute won’t be easy, as the coldest winds yet are expected to hit Melbourne city this afternoon, bringing with it rain and hail the Bureau of Meteorology said.

While in Lorne there’s been a serious dollop of snow! The beach town is covered in the white stuff right now.

So wrap up warm guys and know that tomorrow is set to be a better day, with temperatures returning to around 14 degrees, which is the average for a June day in Melbourne.

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