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Workers Rescue "Zombie" Toddlers From "Feral" House

Four children under the age of five have been rescued from a "feral and dangerous" house that had faeces spread up the walls, a court has heard.

According to rescue workers, the "zombie" toddlers had been left to starve by their parents and were "so thirsty and hungry" that officers had to go out and get them food.

Two of the children were found in an excrement-filled room, swarming with flies, while a toddler had to be rescued from underneath a bed frame and the fourth child, a baby, was in bouncer just two feet away from a heater; the smell of faeces was so overwhelming that one officer was "repeatedly sick".

As emergency services moved through the house in Leyland, Lancashire, it was discovered that there was no hot running water and that the bathtub was "full of paint", while any bottles officers tried to use to rehydrate the children were mouldy and unusable.

The court was also told that the toddlers, all found with rashes, skin ailments and temperatures, didn't show any emotion and were "for all intents and purposes dumb - described as like zombies."

The children's parents, who cannot be named for legal reasons, each pleaded guilty to four counts of neglect, although the father claimed that he had been "trying his best since his partner had mental difficulties."

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