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Woman Who Faked Cancer To Help Raise $40,000 Is Jailed

A woman who funded her hedonistic lifestyle with money she had scammed from her friends and family has been jailed.

The Melbourne Magistrates Court discovered that Hanna Dickenson had lied about having cancer before telling her own parents as well as other family and friends that she desperately needed hundreds of thousands of dollars to receive much needed treatment overseas.

Dickenson claimed she had leiomyosarcoma and couldn't be treated at hospitals in Melbourne.

Instead, the then 19-year-old told her parents she would die if she didn't receive treatment.

The court heard her family then sought help from her local community in Mildura in country Victoria.

A Current Affair reported that $41,770 was scammed from locals, including neighbours who used $20,000 from their mortgage to help the fraudster.

When the neighbours saw the Melbourne property manager partying and drinking alcohol, they decided to investigate.

Rachel Cue told ACA:

'I started looking into it, doing my homework. I spent a fair bit of time and sussing things out, and yeah, 100 per cent scammed. So that's when I took it to the police,'

The court heard how one of the now 24-year-old's victims, who themselves had just finished receiving cancer treatment, gave the con woman $10,000. 

Dickenson was jailed on Tuesday for three months after pleading guilty to seven charges of obtaining property by deception for conduct.

Magistrate David Starvaggi said:

'These are people who worked hard and dug into their own pockets ... I think it's despicable,'

It's reported that Dickenson will appeal the sentence.

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