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Woman Reveals Why She Repeatedly Keyed Luxury Car

A woman who was caught on Dash Cam repeatedly keying a luxury car in Sydney’s east last month has been revealed as Jane Flanagan, a mother-of-one and a town planner for City of Sydney.

Ms Flanagan has since faced court and pleaded guilty to five charges of malicious damage. She has been fined $1250 for the vandalism that saw her use her house keys to scratch five 10cm marks into the paintwork of an Audi four-wheel-drive on Oceanview Parade in Dover Heights.

Court documents have revealed that Ms Flanagan would pass the car each morning while walking from her apartment on Captain Pipers Road to catch a bus to the city. In court she admitted to the repeated acts of Vandalism.

The motivation behind the malicious damage has also been revealed, with Ms Flanagan claiming that she felt compelled to vandalise the car because she believed that it was parked over the footpath.

However, Evan Hansimikali, the owner of the vehicle, has claimed that his car was legally parked in his own driveway.

“It was absolutely parked legally,” said Mr Hansimikali. "I didn’t know her and that she lived so close to us and that you would do that to one of your neighbours.

The Audi has now been put in for repair and a claim has been lodged with Mr Hansimikali’s insurance company.

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