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Woman Filmed Beating A Victorian Pensioner Justifies Attack

A woman who was filmed throwing an elderly woman to the floor and kicking her has said she was not in control of her body at the time.

Cori Glencross, 23, allegedly attacked a woman at a bus stop outside a shopping centre in Geelong on Tuesday.

Glencross told the court on Wednesday that she was having an epileptic fit when she started to kick the pensioner and did not intend to attack her.

According to the ABC she said 'When I was getting her off me I had a seizure and couldn't control my body and it looks like it was on purpose but it wasn't on purpose.’’

Glencross was on bail at the time of the offence and said in her police interview that she was acting in self-defence because the woman allegedly threatened her with a needle, the court heard. 

Magistrate Michael Coghlan said it was 'highly improbable' that her claim she was having a fit would be accepted by a court.

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