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With Pauline Hanson Voted BACK IN.. This Is What It Means.

After 18 years of doing.. not a lot, controversial One Nation leader Pauline Hanson is heading back to Canberra, where it is likely she will play an important role in the balance of power.

18-years ago Hanson was all about stopping ''Asian'' immigration but this time she is focusing on the dangers of Islam, Shariah law and the 'racket' of Halal cerfication.

Here are the four things that Hanson is working on now she is elected and what she thinks about them.


The One National party describes Islam as a ''totalitarian political system'' that masks itself as a religion and she wants a ''inquiry or Royal Commission to determine if Islam is a religion or political ideology.''

She wants to see the burqa and niqab banned in public, a ban on Halal certification, a band on Muslim immigration and wishes to install CCTV in mosques.

One Nation would ban companies in Australia from paying for Halal certification under One Nation's policy and anybody collecting money for Halal certification would be breaking the law.
Hanson would ensure that any company wishing to export products to Muslim countries would have to gain Halal certification from the Australian government.
The policy states ''Halal certification is a money making racket and is funding terrorism.''
Again, One Nation pulls no punches here, saying ''Multiculturalism has failed everywhere. It is negative and divisive, a weight that is drowning our once safe and cohesive society. One Nation will abolish multiculturalism and the Racial Discrimination Act and promote assimilation, nationalism, loyalty and pride in being an Australian.''
The party would like to see the Racial Discrimination Act replaced with '' a policy of assimilation.''
They say that migrants would come from other countries but ''loyalty to Australia and Australian Nationalism must come first'' and the country should not change itself for new migrants ''They must accept the basic structures and principles of Australian heritage, society and culture, the constitution and the rule of law, tolerance and equality, parliamentary democracy, freedom of speech and religion, and English as the national language.''
'Boat People'
One Nation would like to see the status of the 46,000 boat arrivals granted residence under Labor.
They say ''Illegal migrants, whether they arrive by boat or air, have not adhered to our immigration criteria and are choosing where they want to live, by gaining entry illegally and claiming refugee status,''

''What we have here is someone coming into your home telling you they like your house better than theirs and they are going to live with you.''

“You have to feed, cloth, care, and educate them while looking after their needs. Your children now have to share a room and you have to make the dollars stretch further to provide for them.''

How One Nation sees themselves fixing this is by anyone not arriving with the proper paperwork being ''immediately denied entry and sent back to their last known port before arrival or their homeland.''

It would then grant visas for genuine refugees before reviewing them every two years but would not allow the refugees to see their families until they are citizen after five years.

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