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Why Are People Upset About This Picture Of Malcolm Turnbull?

PM Malcolm Turnbull has come under fire from some social media commentators after he posted a picture over the weekend while holding his baby granddaughter.

The PM uploaded a picture to his official Instagram account while he was attending the AFL finals match between Sydney and Essendon at the SCG, where he is seen kissing his granddaughter Alice while holding a beer.

Multitasking at the footy. #goswans @sydneyswans

A post shared by Malcolm Turnbull (@turnbullmalcolm) on

He captioned the photo 'Multitasking at the footy' and some people saw the picture as an opportunity to attack the PM, claiming it was potentially unsafe to be holding a baby while drinking alchol.

However, others have labelled the attack on the PM 'Un-Australian' and even Turnbull's political foe, Opposition Leader Bill Shorten called the outrage an overreaction.

'I've found something Malcolm & I can agree on. This is rubbish. Let him be a grandpa,' Mr Shorten tweeted.  

Cabinet Minister Christopher Pyne claimed the outrage came from the 'kind of person that would report Mother Teresa for jaywalking.'

Social researcher Mark McCrindle believes Australia has become a 'nation of judgers.'

'This is the land of fair dinkum, no worries, she'll be right and where has that sentiment gone?'

Mr Turnbull's post received over a thousand comments, including some who took the opportunity to blast him for 'wasting' money on the upcoming postal plebiscite.

One wrote that:

'Wasting 150 million dollars and watching the footy at the same time. #multitasking,'

Another echoed similar thoughts: 'Multitasking by wasting tax payers money whilst insulting LGBT community.'

Daily Mail

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