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Warning Over FAKE Netflix App That Will Destroy Your Privacy

If you use Netflix, you need to know all about this latest scam which could leave you seriously vulnerable. 

Hackers have unleashed a FAKE Netflix App which turns victims Android smartphones into pervert spy devices.  

Cyber criminals are using fake version of the video app to take over victims' smartphones and snoop on their most intimate moments. 

According to The Sun, cyber-security experts issued a red alert after discovering knock-off Netflix software which contains a piece of malware called SpyNote.

This nasty piece of software is called a trojan and is designed to sneak onto devices, take them over and then perform a variety of scary tasks.

Once a person’s phone is infected, hackers can secretly take photos of their victim, perhaps snapping naked photos or capturing images of them in an intimate moment.

The malware can also make calls, record audio from the microphone and trace the movements of the smartphone’s owner using the device’s GPS location technology.

Reports say anyone who downloads apps from non-official sites is at risk.

Make sure you download apps from Google Play only if you want to stop hackers from attacking.

Source: The Sun 

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