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Video Shows Girl's Last Moments Before House Explosion Death

Warning: Distressing Footage

The family of 12-year-old Linda Rogers has released a series of videos showing the young girl's final moments before she was killed in a natural gas explosion at her home in February 2018. 

The mobile phone footage captures the tween videoing herself preparing for a major cheerleading competition. 

"Good morning, guys. It is 6.02am. I’m going to get ready for the National Cheerleaders Association today," she says in the clip.

"I’m gonna start with hair," she whispers before proceeding to "turn on my lamp because I don't want to turn on all the lights" so as to not wake up her sleeping family.


"I’m sorry if you guys can’t hear me still. But oh well, they’re all sleeping."

Less than two minutes later, the screen is lit up by bright sparks before suddenly going dark. 

The Dallas home had exploded due to a gas leak, severely injuring her mother, father, brother and grandmother. Unfortunately, it proved to be fatal for the 12-year-old who was discovered underneath a cupboard still wearing her cheerleading outfit following the blast.

Her family is suing gas provider Atmos Energy, and releasing these videos to push for better safety. 

"I think they took action after my daughter passed away, but they need to take more," she said.

According to Dallas Morning News, the family is demanding $US1 million in damages from the provider.

A formal investigation into the incident is still ongoing, however a preliminary report claimed that Atmos Energy knew there was a gas leak in the area on January 1, 2018, nearly two months before the blast that claimed the young girl's life. 

In a statement issued by the company, they express their deep sadness at the tragedy and their intense dedication to safety. 

"We odorize natural gas so that it is “readily detectable by a person with a normal sense of smell” as required by federal and state regulations. The odorant we use in our Mid-Tex Division adds a “rotten egg” odor to natural gas. Our technicians conduct periodic sampling with instruments to assure the proper concentration of odorant throughout our pipeline system," they continued.

"For most people, the sense of smell is a highly reliable indicator of natural gas release. However, continued exposure can desensitize the sense of smell. In certain rare conditions, the odor intensity can be diminished by physical and/or chemical processes, such as when gas passes through certain soil conditions."


A year on, both parents continue to suffer from physical injuries caused that day, as well as severe emotional trauma. The impact of the explosion was so intense that it knocked the home off its foundation, causing the roof to collapse.

Linda - known to friends and family as "Michelita" - wanted to be a doctor when she grew up, and had suggested that she would like her organs to be donated to others in need if anything happened to her. Unfortunately, she was so critically injured that this proved to be impossible.  

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