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IBAC To Investigate Premier's Wife 2013 Car Crash

Victoria Police's response to a 2013 car crash involving the wife of Premier Daniel Andrews is being investigated by Victoria's anti-corruption commission.

It is believed that Catherine Andrews avoided being breath tested by police following a car accident at Blairgowrie despite a 15-year-old boy being seriously injured.

"The matter has now been referred to the Independent Broad-based Anti-Corruption Commission to review," said police spokesman Luke Zammit.

Mr Zammit also said that the smash had previously been investigated but no one was charged.

The IBAC is said to "routinely" review the police handling of matters to ensure misconduct does not occur.

"IBAC will consider the handling of this particular matter as part of its normal course of business," a spokeswoman from IBAC said.

The two people who failed to breath test the people involved in the accident were previously investigated by Victoria Police's Professional Standards Command and were given "workplace guidance".

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