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Victorians Warned As FAKE Uber's Take To The Roads

Rogue drivers are touting outside busy night spots on the southern peninsula.

Revellers are now being warned about ‘fake uber's’.

At least a dozen drivers were seen offering rides outside Hotel Sorrento on January 14th at 11 PM.

One man, who was driving a BMW, offered to drive four people home with stops in Mt Martha and Mt Eliza for $200 cash.

Another was stationed outside the Continental Hotel, agreed to take three revellers home for $150, ith the journey including a pizza stop on the way to a Rye property and then on to Mt Martha.

Neither driver was registered with Uber.

Senior-Sergeant Miro Majstorovic of the Mornington Peninsula told the Herald Sun it was too risk for people to do this; “A lot can go wrong, and there’s not much police can do after the event,” he said. “There is no regulatory body to help police investigate or cameras in vehicles to record any problems.

“It’s a big risk getting into a car with a stranger and trusting them to get you home safely.”

Sorrento was especially busy over that weekend as it was hosting the Portsea Polo.

Uber has urged people to only use their service if they request via the app.

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