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Victorian Thunderstorm Asthma Inquest Due To Reveal Findings

A coroner is expected to reveal what can be done to prevent more Victorians dying if there's a repeat asthma thunderstorm.

Seven men and three women, aged 18 to 57, died during or soon after the storm struck Melbourne on November 21, 2016.

A combination of high pollen levels, strong winds, hot temperatures, air moisture and a cold front triggered severe asthma attacks and an unprecedented surge in demand for ambulances across the city.

Coroner Paresa Spanos is scheduled to hand down her findings at the Coroners Court of Victoria on Friday, following a five-day hearing in June investigating the circumstances of the deaths.

About 1400 people were treated in hospital as a result of the weather event.

Omar-Jamil Moujalled, 18, Hope Marsh, 20, Apollo Papadopoulos, 35, Clarence Leo, 37, Ling-Ling Ang, 47, Thao La, 48, Hoi-Sam Lau, 49, Priyantha Peiris, 57, Min Guo, 29, and Le Hue Huynh, 46, all died.

The inquest findings will consider what has been learnt since and preparedness for a possible similar event in the future.


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