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Is This Real Life? Vic Uber Drivers in the Clear!

Charges against 11 Uber drivers have been dropped and an appeal case against another will not be pursued by Victoria's taxi regulator.

The decision by the Taxi Services Commission to drop the cases comes as the state government moves to legalise the ride sharing service.

In May, Uber driver Nathan Brenner won an appeal against a $900 fine and charges that he illegally picked up passengers.

The Melbourne Magistrates Court found him guilty of two counts of operating a commercial passenger vehicle without a licence, and one of driving a commercial passenger vehicle without driver accreditation in December.

That conviction was overturned when the Victorian County Court dismissed the Taxi Services Commission's charges against Mr Brenner and ordered it to pay the costs of his appeal.

On Monday, the Department of Public Prosecutions decided it would not be appealing the County Court decision.

"The section of the Transport Act on which this decision was based has now been repealed, removing any ambiguity regarding the role and powers of the TSC as the regulator," TSC chief executive Aaron de Rozario said in a statement.

As a consequence, the TSC would also be dropping the remaining charges against 11 other Uber drivers, Mr de Rozario said.

The government in June said it plans to regulate the ride-sharing industry, but the Taxi Services Commission won't say if it will continue prosecuting a dozen Uber drivers charged in 2014.

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