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The One Thing Over 11,000 Melburnians Want Banned In VIC

Plastic bags could be phased out in Victoria, if environmentalists have their way. 

A proposed legislation that would restrict single-use plastic bags in Victoria will be discussed at a public hearing in Melbourne.

Critics say Victoria is badly trailing other states when it comes to taking action on plastic bags. 

The bill, put forward by the Greens, seeks to restrict the supply and sale of plastic bags and plastic and polystyrene packaging, and would prohibit the supply and sale of plastic microbeads.

The Queensland government announced last week it ban plastic bags from 2018.

Local government representatives, environmental groups and academics will present their views to the the Environment and Planning Committee at Parliament House on Thursday.

Do you think plastic bags should be banned in Victoria? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below. 

Source: AAP/Staff Writers

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