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United Airlines Have Just Announced A Big Change

Pretty much anyone with a facebook account would have seen the shocking footage that has gone viral of one United Airlines passenger who was violently removed from the plane after the airline overbooked the flight.

Well, it is being reported that United Airlines have now decided to change their company policy so that crew members no longer have the power to displace customers who are already onboard one of their planes.

In a horrifying video that was recorded on mobile phones by other passengers on board, we can see one passenger, Dr. David Dao, as he was dragged from the flight in Chicago.

The company claimed that Dr. Dao refused to give up his seat for crew members that they were attempting to bump onto the express flight and this led to his removal.

Viewers of the footage and witnesses to the incident were rightfully outraged at the treatment of Dr. Dao and this created a publicity nightmare for United.

Under the previous rules, crew members were able to book their spot on an aeroplane anytime up until the time of the departure, even if the plane is fully booked.

But, thankfully this new change, which was outlined in a staff email on April 14th, states that all crew members have to make must-ride bookings at least sixty minutes before the departure of the plane.

Maggie Schmerin, a spokeswoman from United, has said in an email that this change is just the initial step into an evaluation of company policies in order to make sure that a situation like this never occurs again.

A bit too little too late don't you think?

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