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Uber Is The Way To School For Melbourne Kids

It appears Melbournians are shipping their kids off to school in Ubers as parents get even more time poor.

Some are calling it the rise of ''generation lazy'' but with Uber having no restrictions on who can have accounts, it is parents who are putting their kids at risks in the unregulated service.

As well as school trips, they are also making their way to functions and sporting events in the ride-sharing service.

The Herald Sun reports that one Uber drive has told them that he has even taken two primary-age children to school as well as countless number of high school students who were running late.

He said ''Parents are setting up Uber accounts for their 15 year olds - they have the mobile phone, the credit card and now the Uber account''.

Uber have said that they do not condone using the service for ferrying children around but they ''we do rigorous criminal background and driver history checks to ensure passenger safety''.

Source: Herald Sun

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