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Uber Driver Pulls Gun On Passenger

An uber driver has been charged with assault after pulling a handgun on a drunk passenger. 

The incident took place in Friday night when Shane Fabry, 27, motioned that he was about to vomit in Patrick McDonald's, 67 car. 

Fearful that Fabry would vomit in the $100,000 Lexus, McDonald pulled out a gun. 

After Fabry advised that he was "feeling better and no longer felt like he was going to be sick", McDonald allegedly refused to continue the trip. 

According to police, the driver 'told the victim that he needed to get out of the car and he was not to throw up' in the $US75,000 ($106,613) car. 

Following a verbal altercation, McDonald reached into the driver side of the car and took out a black semiautomatic handgun. 

One of the passengers stepped between the pair and managed to defuse the situation. 

Uber released this statement: This driver's account has been deactivated as we continue to gather the facts regarding this incident. We stand ready to provide law enforcement with any information that would be helpful to the investigation into this matter.

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