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TWO AFL Stars Are Caught Up In The Isreal Folau Scandal

Two AFL footballers have been caught up in the homophobic social media scandal that has cost Rugby player Isreal Folau his career.

Geelong player Gary Ablett and Carlton’s Matthew Kennedy were among the 37,000 people who tapped like on Folau’s Instagram post, where he said gay people must repent or go to hell.

Ablett & Kennedy are both religious and the Cats star, has removed his like since.

Their interaction with the post is thought to be solely tied to the Christianity component, with Folau’s post including a verse from the bible.

Kennedy is a practising Catholic who said in 2016: “My faith is really important to me and it’s a big part of who I am.

“You definitely cop a bit of flack for it at times, but overall, it’s not too bad.”

Neither Geelong or Carlton have commented on the Instagram post or likes.

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