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Two 9-Year-Old Girls Hurl Abuse At Westfield Shoppers

Two nine-year-old girls have been captured jumping on the roof and windscreen of a car after threatening a pregnant woman and spitting at a security guard at a busy shopping centre.

Video shows the two girls stomping atop a white Toyota sedan parked at a Gold Coast Westfield. 

"This is our car so get f*****! Get f*****, you *****," one of the girls yells.

In an attempt to diffuse the situation, security guards approached the girls, and seized one of their scooters. 

"If you take it, I'll bloody kill you. Give me my f****** scooter."

It is believed one of the girls spat on the security guard while screaming "we know the law, you can't touch us". 

Police arrived at the scene to escort them back to their foster parent's home. 

"Their tail was between their legs as soon as the cop car pulled up," a witness told 9News.

Police and Westfield Helensvale declined to comment on the incident. No official complaints have been made. 

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