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Tumour The Size Of Full Term Baby Removed From Brisbane Teen

A vibrant Brisbane teenager has baffled surgeons after they discovered a 3kg tumour in her pelvis.

Amy Mulhall, a competitive cheerleader managed to go about her life, including partaking in highly physical cheer moves with little hindrance despite carrying a tumour the size of a full term baby.

According to News Corp, Amy’s Surgeon, Dr Peter Borzi from Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital, said Amy was “obviously an unusually strong and tenacious girl to have been able to carry on with her cheer-leading”.

“This 3kg sarcoma was probably the biggest I have removed from a child.”

“This kind of tumour in the pelvic area is usually diagnosed late as it is set deep within the tummy. With all her jumping around she must have dislodged the tumour and that’s when her tummy started to swell and gave warning something was wrong.”

Amy’s mother was blown away by the shock diagnosis saying ““She just soldiered on. Amy is a competitive cheerleader and this just didn’t hinder her. The doctor said it had probably been there for a year.”

This tumour has since been removed and Dr Borzi said he was hope the Amy would fully recover from her surgery.

You can see the images of Amy’s Tumour here:

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