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This Melbourne Suburb Is Becoming A 30KM/H Zone

Get ready, Melbourne. Big changes are coming to our roads!

As part of the Footscray Pedestrian Safety Improvement Project – for which the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) have committed 2.54 million dollars – Maribyrnong Council are set to slash speed limits to 30km/h in the Footscray CBD.

Looks like Maribyrnong won’t be the only ones, either – it’s believed that Yarra Council are likely to trial a 30km speed limit in parts of Fitzroy.

The new measures have been met with mixed reactions. Frustrated drivers don’t like the idea of delaying their journeys, but what matters here most is human lives.

In the space of 5 years, there were 305 casualty crashes in Footscray involving pedestrians, two people were killed and 84 seriously injured. Many of these incidents were a result of jaywalking or pedestrians walking outside of designated crossing areas.

The TAC and VicRoads have committed 1 billion dollars from a statewide fund which aims to minimize the risk in some of Victoria’s most hazardous road areas.

Mayor Catherine Cumming has indicated that there was no hesitation in accepting the funding.

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