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THIS Is How The Government Got YOUR Number For 'Yes' Texts

We’ve been hearing about the same sex marriage postal vote for months now, and it’s stayed the number one talking point for Aussies that entire time - apart from The Bachelor finale, that was HUGE.

However, a few people were a little confused over the weekend when they received a text from ‘YesEquality’, urging them to vote ‘yes’ on the same sex postal vote.

"The Marriage Equality Survey forms have arrived! Help make history and vote YES for a fairer Australia."

It was considered a little out of nowhere for some, and not everyone was pleased, despite their views on the vote.

And the question on everyone’s lips, how did they get my number?! Well now, we know the answer.

Australian Marriage Equality spokesman Clint McGilvray said the texts had gone out to random computer-generated numbers.

Alex Greenwich from the Equality Campaign said: "The campaign is using every resource available to make sure fairness and equality are achieved for all Australians.

"The campaign has a responsibility to encourage every Australian to post their survey and we have done this through door-knocking, media, advertising, social media and SMS messaging.

"It's so important to reach as many Australians as possible and remind them this is a vote about fairness and ensuring every Australian is equal under the law."

Source: SMH

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