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This Is How People Are Riding Escalators After Mum Was Killed

Many of us saw the shocking final moments of a woman who got trapped in an escalator in a China mall after the floor fell from beneath her.


She came off the escalator and as one of the metal panels that sit above the escalator fell from beneath her, she managed to push her young star out of the way, before falling beneath the floor.

It was a big shock for both the people around her at the time and anyone who saw the horrifying footage.

Now, according to a report on Cosmopolitan, people in China have been sharing posts of how they've been riding the escalator since the incident on the Chinese social networking site, Weibo.


Some have been avoiding the escalator steps completely.


Others have been poking the panels before boarding the escalator, which are the same panels that fell beneath the woman who was killed.


Some are even holding back children before approaching the panels for fear that they will endure the same fate.


According to a report on the BBC, investigators discovered that mall employees were aware that the escalator panel that fell from beneath the woman was loose, but didn't do anything about it.

Source: Cosmopolitan

Image source: Facebook

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