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THIS Is How Melbourne's Thieves Are Getting Into YOUR Home.

Cunning thieves are using doggie doors to burgle homes in the Bayside and Glen Eira areas, according to police.

At present, more than 30 properties have been broken into, either by a thief squeezing through one of the devices, or reaching inside with a wire to unlock a nearby door.

Talking to the Leader, a Caulfield man said he and his family were now living in fear after his home was targeted twice in two weeks.

On June 21, $250 cash was taken from his wallet and on the other occasion on June 30, $500 was taken from his wallet and his wife’s handbag.

Senior Sergeant Brad Daly said that ‘’People need to be aware, they need to lock the doggie door if they can, or perhaps block access if they are out for a long period of time.

“Once inside the burglars target cash; they don’t rummage much, they just get in and out,''

Be careful, Melbourne.

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