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This Croc Was Caught In The Aussiest Way Possible

A group of north Queenslanders have used a wheelie bin to trap a 1.5 metre saltwater crocodile found near a children's playground south of Cairns.

The animal was spotted opposite the playground at a caravan park at Bramston Beach on Tuesday and locals corralled it with a wheelie bin until wildlife officers arrived.

A Department of Environment spokesman says the croc was taken to a holding facility to be relocated, and that heavy rain in the region has disrupted the animals' usual routine.

"With heavy rains in parts of far north Queensland, crocodiles may turn up in unexpected places," the spokesman said.

"Crocodiles prefer calmer waters and they may be on the move as they search out a quiet place where they can wait for the floodwaters to recede."

Locals are urged to minimise the risk of a croc encounter by following warning signs, not leaving bait or other food scraps out at camp sites or boat ramps, and generally remaining alert in areas known for crocodiles.



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