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This Area Of Melbourne Could Be About To Ban Smoking!

After Melbourne’s new smoking ban kicked in this week, one council could be about to take it even further.

Smoking anywhere where food is being served is now banned in Melbourne unless there is a 4-metre gap or a wall between a smoking and non-smoking area.

However, Monash council is going to trying and impose a blanket ban in smoking after businesses were seen flouting a loophole in the law.

This week, across Melbourne, restaurants have decided to stop serving food outdoors so customers can continue to smoke.

However, Monash councillor Geoff Lake has said "While some traders can exploit the loopholes to permit smoking by their customers, others are unable to do so because of their close proximity to another trader. As well as being unfair among traders, these new laws are grossly unfair to the more than 75 per cent of Monash residents who want smoking removed from Eaton Mall."

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