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This Airline Is NOT Refunding Melbourne Passengers

Hundreds of angry AirAsia customers have slammed the airline on social media for failing to refund them after they cancelled a Melbourne to Bali route in early June.

Some clients have taken to the airline’s Facebook page to threaten legal action after waiting for more than two months for a response.

Melbourne couple Patrice Lade and Joshua Williams booked 14 return AirAsia flights for their wedding in Bali in September.

They told The Age, they were informed on June 2 the route had been cancelled and they now had to apply online for a refund.

Still, now after more than two months the couple are still out of pocket by more than $4,000.

"On the 15th of June we received an email that said our flights had been refunded," Ms Lade said.

"It is now the 28th of July and we have not received any of our money."

The couple is owed a total of $4612 for the flights.

Ms Lade said that they had contacted the airline to discuss the refund and they continually ‘’ hang up on us or close the online chat because they can't help us".

"We were told all we had to do is fill in an e-form, which we did on the 4th of June 2016. We have now sent 24 e-forms and still no one can tell us where our money is," she said.

"We contact them via phone and they tell us they can't help us, to fill out another form, and then they hang up on us.

"Now you can imagine how stressful this is, trying to pay for a wedding and having to book all new flights. We are really struggling and have no idea where we can go from here."

They are not the only people going through this same situation.

Air Asia’s customer service Twitter page is receiving complaints from disgruntled customers every few minutes as people seek refunds and their Facebook page has also been inundated with comments

"Anyone on here having any luck with refunds? Been battling now for nearly two months, getting nowhere with Air Asia customer service. Anyone taken legal action and if so was it successful?," Mark Shelton said on Facebook.

Customers have been advised by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission to fill out forms that they can take to a small claims court, to ensure they get fairly heard.

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