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This $500m Westfield Doncaster Upgrade Will Reduce Parking

Westfield Doncaster is getting a facelift, but not everyone's happy about it. 

Westfield management plan to give the food court a massive upgrade and open up new shops as part of a $500 million plan to take the shopping centre to new heights. 

However, it will come at a cost - with 22 car spaces having to be slashed to make way for the extra 332 seats in the dining area. 

In a revised application to Manningham Council, Westfield argued it won't lead to parking congestion because peak demand for the dining hall will be at night.

The revised plans were approved, but Cr Paul McLeish opposed the proposal:

“The proposal now increases the size of the dining room without providing an increase in parking,” he said.

“This is likely to be the first thing built and it will, for a period of time, reduce the parking at Westfield. If there’s one message I can send out loud and clear to Westfield it is that I will continue to fight for more parking.”

Other elements of the upgrade include a gateway tower, 43,000sqm of retail floor space, 18,000sqm of commercial floor space and an improved bus interchange. 

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