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These Are The Melbourne Suburbs Swarming With Snakes

Just in case Australia wasn’t terrifying enough, it turns out there are more and more snakes invading Melbourne’s suburbs.

The Herald Sun spoke to professional snake catcher Mark Pelley who said he’s already caught “hundreds of venomous brown and tiger snakes” this summer.

“I am twice as busy this season (as) last season,” the man known as the ‘Snake Hunter’ explained.

“I used to just catch the odd, big snake here and there, but now I’m flat out.”

The rapid population growth in Melbourne’s urban centres has meant more homes, more rubbish, more mice, and therefore...more snakes.

Pelley said Greensborough has the unenviable title of Melbourne’s snake capital, overtaking Diamond Creek.

And if that’s not specific enough for you, Henry Street and Plenty Drive are the biggest hotspots for snakes.

If you do see a snake, the best thing to do is stay out of its way and not threaten it - it’ll most likely slither away.

You can also contact a local and licenced snake catcher if you want to be extra cautious.

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