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The Traffic News That No Melburnian Wanted To Hear

New data from Uber has found that Melbourne is the most congested city in Australia.

Motorists in Melbourne experience the greatest difference in travel times between peak and off-peak times, with the congestion in the morning afternoon commutes being at their worst on the Tullamarine freeway.

Average Uber times show that a passenger heading to the Airport from the CBD during peak hour will face a 29-miute delay.

A passenger going from an inner-suburb to the CBD can expect a 6-minute delay.

The report also found that peak travel times in Melbourne and Sydney have increased over the last year but have improved in Perth.

Uber Australia General manager David Rohrsheim hopes that the figures can help governments better plan their infrastructure.

“As ride-sharing has grown across Australia during the past few years, we’re excited to see how sharing high-level data and trends with governments can help show how cities move over time,” he said.

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