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Shocking Moment War Criminal Drinks Poison As Verdict Read

Warning: Confronting content

As his failed appeal against his 20-year sentence was being read out in court, a wartime commander protested the verdict before drinking from a small bottle.  

It was reportedly poison.

The case involved Slobodan Praljak’s crimes committed in the city of Mostar during the Bosnian war in 1992-95.

Before he took the fatal drink, the 72-year-old protested the judge's decision to uphold the 20-year sentence.

"Slobodan Praljak is not a war criminal, I am rejecting the court ruling," he said as he put the bottle to his lips.

"Stop please, sit down please," the judge said.

"I have taken poison," Praljak said.

Commotion followed as staff scrambled to treat Praljak, who had sat down and slumped in his chair, a lawyer who was in the courtroom said.

Multiple media outlets, including Croatian state television, later reported that Praljak had died in hospital.

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