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The One Thing You Won't See In Melbourne This Summer

Good news Melbourne!!

It looks like we won't be seeing any wasps around town for the rest of the season! The entomologist (insect scientist) from Melbourne Museum, Richard Marchant has told the Herald Sun that European wasps will be much less abundant this year.

He says this is due to the fact of the heavy rainfall we've had in Spring. We recently had our wettest September on record, with flooding in many catchments.

“It is due to the fact that wasps have their nests in the ground and if we get a wet spring like we did last year a lot of the nests get flooded.”

If you remember in the last few years Melbourne has had some problem areas regarding wasps. These areas include the Studley Park Boathouse, Royal Botanic Gardens, Fairfield Park Boathouse, Coburg Lake Park and Emerald Lake Park.

As always though, there is some bad news... (sorry!)

The increased rainfall has also caused a higher presence of mosquitoes. CSIRO senior principal research scientist Dr Paul De Barro said “Mosquitoes need water to reproduce in so if there’s lots of water around then they will multiply rapidly".

Make sure you bring out those citronella candles!

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