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The One Thing You Shouldn't Buy For Your Kids This Christmas

One of the trendiest accessories for kids these days are the 'Bunchems' toy. They are selling like hot cakes worldwide.
They are colourful plastic balls that are covered in tiny hooks that easily attach to each other - much like Velcro.

However there are multiple reports coming through that these tiny hooks also attach to hair, VERY easily, and it's not so simple to get them out.

Parents have had to resort to the scissors to remove these colourful nightmares from their kids' heads.

The toy's Amazon reviews are filled with negative comments, highlighting the horror stories from other parents.

The toy company have taken many steps to make it clear that the BUnchems toy are only intended to connect with other Bunchems. They have also posted tips for how to get the toys out of hair on their website.

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