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The Melbourne Residents Fighting Back Against Hoons

Enough is enough for this group of Craigieburn residents.

Rosewood Place residents are fighting back after six months of hell at the hands of hoon drives in the neighbourhood.

“They wake us up at night by doing 360s and burnouts at three o’clock in the morning,” resident Chris Deutscher told Leader.

“I’ve nearly been wiped out three times in my own street.”

“Everyone in this street fears one of the hoons will come flying through their house.”

It’s reached crisis point now, with the Hume municipality impounding more cars than anywhere else in the state.

They’ve decided to take matters into their own hands, lobbying the council to put up speed bumps at Woodlea Crescent.

Unfortunately though, they’ve copped some initial pushback from council who have said Woodlea Cres “did not meet its guidelines for traffic calming devices.”

The residents might find some relief through the new anti-hooning laws that give police greater powers to impound hoon drivers’ cars. 

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