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Melbourne Law You Could Be Fined For

Ok, get ready to be shocked by a bizarre law in Melbourne that could actually see you arrested.

There are heaps of laws regarding noise that are applicable between 8PM and 7AM weekdays and 8PM and 9AM on weekends.

It means you cannot use a motor vehicle unless moving in or out home, lawn mower or anything with an internal combustion engine between those times.

Also on the list are  electric power tool, chainsaw, circular saw, gas compressor, pneumatic power tool or hammer, or similar impacting or grinding equipment

A domestic air condition or evaporative cooler, heat pumps and other similar pumps, domestic heating equipment and a domestic vacuum cleaner cannot be used between 10am and 7am on weekdays or until 9am on weekends.

No musical instruments can be used loudly between 10pm and 7AM, Monday to Thursday but you can use them until 11PM on Friday and Saturdays but not until 9AM on both days.

If you have an issue with a neighbour, the government says you should approach them to resolve it first before making a formal complaint.

Both local council officers and police officers can direct people to stop making unreasonable noise.

These directions can stay in force for up to 72 hours. If someone does not comply with a council or police direction about noise, they can be given an on-the-spot fine for breaking the law.

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