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The Major Change Coming To Melbourne Hair Salons

Hundreds of hairdressers across Melbourne’s eastern suburbs are set to be trained spot signs that their clients are victims of domestic violence.

Hairdressers are being invited to attend a three-hour government-funded workshop that forms part of a $135,000 program being rolled out in July.

Executive director for the Eastern Domestic Violence Service Jenny Jackson told Leader newspapers that clients who confide in their hairdressers are likely to open up and their stylist will now ‘recognise the subtle signs of family violence.

For example, alarm bells should sound if the client said she could not cut her hair short or have it a certain colour because her partner doesn’t want it like that.

Ms Jackson said that the hairdresser's role is to offer help but not counsel affected clients.

“Women establish relationships and confide in their hairdresser,” Ms Jackson said.

“A caring hairdresser can maintain trust while helping their friend and client to a safer future.”

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