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The Latest On The Tara Brown 60 Minute Court Case

Ever since we learned that Tara Brown and her 60 Minutes crew had been detained in Beirut, everyone has wondered what their fate will be. Will they be swiftly let go, or spend months behind bars, as some of their journalist colleagues have before them in the journey for the perfect story?

Well, word was that the detainees were set to appear in front of a judge tonight, Australian time.

However, Channel Nine reporter, Tom Steinfort, who is reporting live from Beirut has informed us via Twitter, that they will probably not be happening tonight. It must be difficult for Tara and her crew, who have now spent five days behind bars for the botched snatch of Australian children, who the team were desperate to get back to their mother in Australia after their father brought them to Lebanon for a “holiday” and then refused to return them home.

The internet has reacted strangely to the news, posting memes and tweets that seem to make fun of the situation, while others worry about the fate of the 60 Minutes team.

More news to come as the hearing eventually unfolds.

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