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The Iconic Product That Won't Be Made In Melbourne Today

It’s the day that has been coming for a while but the final Falcon will be made in Broadmeadows today.

Ford has confirmed that 600 workers will lose their jobs when the company when the company’s plants at Broadmeadows and Geelong shut down today.

It also sees the end of the Ford Falcon, too, which has been rolling out of Broadmeadows for more than half a century.

The final vehicle will be a blue XR6 and it will roll of the assembly line at lunchtime, surrounded by Ford staff at a private event in Broadmeadows.

Half of the 1,200 redundancies that were announced in 2013 have already moved into Ford’s product development and customer service departments.

Another 120 will stay on temporarily for the plant decommissioning process beyond October. The vast sites in Geelong and Melbourne's north are slated for sale, but their future use is unknown, as yet.

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