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The HUGE Thing You Missed About Melbourne's New Smoking Laws

From today, smoking will be banned from nearly all outdoor dining areas in Melbourne.

Under new laws, anybody who ignores the ban will be fined up to $777, while businesses get a fine of $7773.

Smokers will be banished from footpath dining areas, pub courtyards and beer gardens when food is being served.

There is another part of the law which is also causing issues for some.

Shisha Tobacco is also affected, with the sale, advertising and use of shisha tobacco that contains any amount of tobacco being treated exactly the same as cigarettes.

The changes also affect e-cigarettes, which are now treated exactly the same as cigarettes.

However, the law does not affect non-nicotine e-cigarette products.

Under the Tobacco Act 1987, an e-cigarette means:

• a device (other than a device that is prescribed to be not an e-cigarette for the purpose of the law) that is designed to generate or release an aerosol or vapour (whether or not containing nicotine) by electronic means for inhalation by its user in a manner that replicates, or produces an experience similar to, the inhalation of smoke from an ignited tobacco product, or

• any other device prescribed by the regulations.

The changes came into effect at midnight.

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