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The Eerie Sound From The Orlando Massacre After It Was Over

It's the worst mass shooting in US history.

There were horrifying scenes in Orlando, Florida this weekend when a lone gunman, Omar Mateen, burst into gay nightclub Pulse and opened fire on a crowd of innocent party goers.

Within the space of a few hours the death toll had risen to 50, while a further 53 people were injured during the shooting.

The attack lasted three hours, the sounds of which filled the night air with terror.

Shots could be heard throughout the building, accompanied by the terrified screams of those trapped inside.

While the wails of the sirens from the emergency vehicles seemed to be in constant use.

At around 5am police stormed the venue using explosives to break through a wall of the club. They rescued 30 people and shoot and killed the gunman.

However this rescue operation only marked the beginning of a fresh wave of horror for the investigators who then made their way inside the club.

Standing in a space that only a few hours previously had been occupied by happy party goers, investigators were now surrounded by the victims of this latest mass shooting, and although by this time things were quieter, there was still one eerie sound, bouncing off the bullet riddled walls.

The sounds of the victim's mobile phones ringing.

Andy Carvin summed it up perfectly with this Facebook post.

Everyone is horrified by this detail, with many users commenting they had never even thought about it.


The sound of those phones ringing endlessly into the night will probably remain with those investigators that were inside Pulse nightclub forever.

While the sound of rapid fire gunshots will be the memory that resonates with those that were outside the building that night.


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