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Footage Captures Moment 8-Year-old Girl Falls Under A Ferry

The heart-stopping moment that an 8-year-old girl fell into Sydney Harbour while exiting a ferry has been captured on camera.

The girl can be seen running down the exit ramp amongst a crowd of public transport users at Barangaroo before turning back towards the ferry where her family was still disembarking.

It is at this moment that the young girl can be seen losing her balance and falling down the gap between the wharf and the boat.

Family and ferry workers immediately came to the little girl's aid and were able to pull her from the water but one ferry worker, Jean-Pierre Lombard told 7 News that the incident could have been fatal.

"We were able to retrieve her it could have been much worse."

The engine of the ferry was still running when the incident occurred and a whirlpool created between the ferry and wharf could have easily sucked the 8-year-old under the boat and through the propeller.

Thankfully the girl was retrieved in time and was left shaken but uninjured.

Ferry users are now being warned to take more care when travelling on the boats with around 13 ferry falls occurring throughout the past year.

Source: Daily Mail

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