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16 Year Old Boy Suffers Burns While Working at KFC

A 16-Year-Old boy has suffered third degree burns while working at a Victorian fast food store. 

KFC is investigating how the incident, which took place on Friday night, took place, however it is thought that the teenager, was splashed with hot water or oil at the North Geelong store.

It is believed that the teenager had been emptying a cooker when scalding hot liquid was somehow splashed him. 

Kylie Greig, the teen's mother, told the Seven Network that she wanted answers about what happened to her son. 

The boy remains in a critical but stable condition in hospital. 

Footage of the boy was broadcasted on the Seven Network on Sunday night, showing that his entire face is covered in bandaged and is unable to speak.

It is reported that the boy had been working at KFC for about a year as an experienced cook. 

According to The Age, a spokeswoman for KFC have said that the company is treating the incident very seriously and had strict procedures in place to prevent workplace injuries. 

"Unfortunately, one of our team members was burned. How it actually happened - we're investigating" she said. 

The North Geelong KFC joint was promptly closed after the incident and WorkSafe Victoria were notified. A WorkSafe spokesperson is also reportedly making enquires.

With so many young people taking up jobs at fast food joints such as KFC, Red Rooster and McDonald's, concerns have been raised about whether or not fast food joints are safe enough for teenagers to work at.  

Source: The Age

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